Sunday, July 24, 2011


Leo the Lion in a Celebration of Life
by Chris Gonzalez

Born in midsummer, these children of the radiant Sun
Spontaneously show us ways to have the most fun.
Leos lead us all in a joyful celebration of life.
They say “yes” to opportunities, taking risks to feel alive.

Leos learn dominion by having a space over which they rule.
They make fine leaders, because they take a broad view.
Their steadfast positions can make them appear loyal,
When it’s really their desire to rise above, much like a royal.

Leos love the stage, and will do anything to perform
Drama or comedy, it’s how lions freeform
The other interest that may capture their hearts more
Is the flush of love in romance for the ones they adore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


by Chris Gonzalez

Daughter of the luminous moon, the hard-shelled crab flows with the tides.
She carefully navigates rough waters, with a gait that moves side to side.
We often get the wrong impression when she's overcome with tears;
Like others of her element, she's stronger than she appears.

This sign's modus operandi is to nurture and to care;
She is the model of the mother extraordinaire.
Cancer shows us how to protect what we value and those we love,
Through her, we learn how feelings are life's greatest treasure trove.

Her power is rooted in a steadfast resistance; 
She does not confront, instead using persistence.
Standing her ground for what she believes,
Defending her moral stance, with which others will come to agree.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


In the Company of Gemini
by Chris Gonzalez

These pros of networking know how to make the rounds
They talk up a storm, in what seems like surround sound
Winged Mercury has incarnated in the fair sign of Gemini,
Linking unknown parties, who then forge ongoing ties.

Geminis roam their world to see what they can learn
Curiosity is what drives their vast search at every turn
They collect all sorts of information to contrast and compare,
Facts used in debates where they challenge willing peers.

Geminis are not meant to spend a lot of time alone,
Preferring company, like a sibling or a beau
Together they exchange lots of jokes, not to mention all those puns
The Twins love to play with words, because that’s their idea of fun.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I never got a chance to tell you
I thought you were the one
Who’d from the start free me from delusions
That a connection would come around.

I used to think at this life’s stage
I’d never feel this way
But I soon discovered how one’s heart defies age
Feelings run amok, and then they may go astray.

If only my heart would learn discernment
So I’d not obsess over a lost cause
Instead I’d know how to bring myself fulfillment,
Because it’s NOT better to have loved and lost
              Than to have never loved at all.

11 June 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011



by Chris Gonzalez

Deemed useless by all
Two job rejects on Friday
Revise strategies.

28 May 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Keep Kosher Haiku
By Chris Gonzalez

Sisters keep kosher
Her cheese, my bread never touch
Sandwiches are nixed.

3 May 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011


By Chris Gonzalez

This poem was penned in honor of “share a poem day,” as part of Poetry Month.

These passions of mine I’m inclined to suppress
The swellings of my heart I’m slow to confess
Perhaps you’ll consider this proclamation absurd:
FOR PUBLIC RELEASE:  I’ve got a crush on W-O-R-D-S!

Words scribbled on paper you can fold in your purse,
With these cute little devils you can flirt or curse
Your sonnets can beguile a sweet to submit,
Or thrash the beloved who’s just called it quits.

Words carefully selected can build your case
Au contraire, they can make you red in the face
Like Kobe’s outburst, they come with a big fine,
With victim phrases, it’s how the GOP whines.

Me? Well, I use them all for work and play.
I’m seldom silent, as you witness every day.
With these sassy little words some prose I form,
But more likely it’s rhymed verse, just like this poem!

Penned on Thursday, April 14, 2011