Friday, April 29, 2011


By Chris Gonzalez

This poem was penned in honor of “share a poem day,” as part of Poetry Month.

These passions of mine I’m inclined to suppress
The swellings of my heart I’m slow to confess
Perhaps you’ll consider this proclamation absurd:
FOR PUBLIC RELEASE:  I’ve got a crush on W-O-R-D-S!

Words scribbled on paper you can fold in your purse,
With these cute little devils you can flirt or curse
Your sonnets can beguile a sweet to submit,
Or thrash the beloved who’s just called it quits.

Words carefully selected can build your case
Au contraire, they can make you red in the face
Like Kobe’s outburst, they come with a big fine,
With victim phrases, it’s how the GOP whines.

Me? Well, I use them all for work and play.
I’m seldom silent, as you witness every day.
With these sassy little words some prose I form,
But more likely it’s rhymed verse, just like this poem!

Penned on Thursday, April 14, 2011